Dr. De Lacy Davis

Activist | Author | Community Leader

Dr. Davis works to prevent police brutality and to educate those who have experienced trauma caused by such actions through workshops, activism, speaking engagements, scholarly works, innovative techniques and programs.

Dr. De Lacy Davis Speaks Out: Addressing Controversial Christian Glass Police Shooting in Colorado

May 23, 2023

Dr. De Lacy Davis Examines Factors Relating to Police Officers Shooting Unarmed Black Males

Dr. Davis’ study seeks to understand what impact, if any, a police officer’s race, age, years of service, or place of residence has on the decision to shoot an armed or unarmed suspect. The study examined whether or not these factors impacted the decision-making process in shoot/don’t shoot scenarios. Thirty sworn police officers participated in the quantitative study that was conducted using a Ti Lab firearms high-fidelity video simulator and a laser-modified Sig Sauer P380 handgun to engage in four shoot/don’t shoot video scenarios. 

De Lacy D. Davis, Ed.D.

Dr. De Lacy Davis founded Black Cops Against Police Brutality in 1991 and is the author of Black Cops Against Police Brutality: A Crisis Action Plan. Most recently, Dr. Davis completed his doctoral degree examining the factors relating to police officers shooting unarmed black males. He is a retired New Jersey police sergeant who served for 20 years in the East Orange police department and commanded the Community Services Unit. Davis has received 12 Police Department Commendations and an “Expert Firearms” award.

Dr. De Lacy Davis Sitting

“Brother De Lacy Davis has helped people to take their emotions and turn them into ideas. He has turned the ideas into strategies and the strategies into small victories”

– Dr. Tyrone Powers, 
Director, The Institute of Criminal Justice

Dr. De Lacy Davis Examines Traffic Stop Disparities within a New Jersey Police Department

Some residents of Highland Park Borough have suggested that race has been used by the Highland Park Police Department (HPPD) as a pretext for stopping, questioning or engaging some segments of the population. In an effort to examine the relationship between the HPPD and the Highland Park Borough community relative to traffic stops, the Highland Park Borough provided De Lacy Davis Consultants (DDC) with 5 years of traffic stop data.